My African Adventure 23-25th Jan

23rd Jan: Another good but emotionally draining day. Not emotional for the same reason as yesterday however – mum, granny, and I went to Jean- Pier and Marie T’s house. When we arrived she was feeding the kids corn, then porridge and bread. We learnt about Adam and Eve then some of them started dancing, which was more than awkward. Granny was having a right old time. When the kids left the five of us chatted- well I listened and wandered around the garden a bit. They’re such lovely people but you really have to concentrate to figure out what they’re saying. Buffet for lunch- sweet potato was amazing- then a little bit of money swapping hands. Marie T gave me a gorgeous piece of material which I shall wear as a skirt. We met a widow who offered me her grandson in marriage, then I met the cows! Much more my thing. We got a beef kebab at The Guinness and Sister and was utterly shattered because granny’s bloody tablet woke me up at 6am. Had a piece of cake in the middle of the day… Had nuts on it… It was good.

24th Jan: I didn’t have to go to church! Dad was saying we’d have to shake people’s hands and be sung to, and the sermon would be an hour long… But granny only slept an hour last night and she was stood waiting for the bus for 45 minutes and started feeling queezy so the two of us headed back to the house. A guy tried to take mum’s purse out of her hand. He didn’t manage so ran off and dad and I (and so many locals) ran after him but he didn’t take anything so dad and I returned to the bus stop. About 5 minutes later all the locals returned with him, some hitting him. He sat down at dad’s feet and begged forgiveness. Dad shouted that we were here to help people like him, then let him go and told the locals to leave him be. Later the sun was out and it was bliss! Then it rained… And dad and I went in search of Tonic for mum. And we saw guinea fowl in the garden. I fed them bread. Dad was in the middle of making dinner when the electricity went out so we had to eat crisps and nuts by candlelight. Then we had cheesy pasta. Just think: dad and I could have been in Kampala by now. Saw a cockroach sat on the sofa then it scurried away. Bite count is pretty high- going to look pretty mangled when I get back. Really looking forward to my own bed! And there being no Imram praying all the time…

25th Jan: You know how granny ‘lost’ her wee grey coin purse? Well mum found it. Granny had tidied it away in the wardrobe. But we weren’t ready to give it back to her so after she went to bed we hung it on the giraffe in the living room. Today we arranged our hair and massage for Friday. Took a walk to Scripture Union and saw Marie T again. Had Chinese for lunch and granny knocked my juice over. It rained… Took a walk to the craft shop and I bought stuff for people. Granny bought me a skirt. Really not much else happened. Went into the ministry of agriculture and animal resources and asked for a job; they told me to check their website. Tried buying Dimitry a postcard but the lady was charging £1 so I bought a Christmas banana leaf card for 20p. Maybe a total rip off paying £3 for a large wooden spoon but I wasn’t paying enough attention. Need to buy another bag of coffee I think. And perhaps something for the girls.

outside the craft shop


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