My African Adventure 26- 30th Jan

26th Jan: Went to Rwamagana with dad to see the sick lady. She has a doctor and she’s on morphine, so thats good. Finding money for the 1 hour bus ride every two months isn’t so good. But much better situation than I thought existed. I found a dog on the walk down there so I got a selfie. She was lovely. Got a denim shirt from the market, had African buffet for lunch. Not really much else to add. Mum told granny about her purse. Granny has started packing already. Maybe I’m ready to go home now. Definitely ready for different company. Ready to return to normality. Need to find a gift for the girls! Saw two small wooden animals earlier but I wasn’t sure that’s what I was after.


27th Jan: I started the day in a foul mood: lack of breakfast, sore underarm (and mum thinking that telling me she gets the same thing would help), being pissed with *him*… Africans being rude and disorganised. But it was fine. I ate. I took Alice to get her school uniform. Met the others in the market buying books/ bags/ metal cases. School fees were paid, Fantas were drunk. I tried to get as much sun as I could. One boy say by me and talked for ages. Does peace and quiet not exist here? Granny has taken an extra bag of coffee for herself so I had to buy another. I think she’s going loopy. I tried finding fabric for the girls but you seem only able to buy 5 meters. Perhaps the market? Maybe need to get them something else. Bought two mangos and ate a whole one for pudding. Don’t think granny was particularly impressed. Pretty sure its very much her time to go home. Highlight: The ATM talking to me in a Scottish accent. Seeing the boys collecting their new school stuff.


28th Jan: The days are disappearing! Hopefully I got my gift shopping complete. Toms for Rachel, and fabric for Emma and Eleanor. Went to Bourbon for an iced coffee so I can tick that off my list. Was going to get my nails done but I didn’t think they’d do what I wanted so I didn’t go back. I did however get a new phone! iPhone 5S- only problem is I don’t have wifi to set things up. And I need to get an even smaller SIM card. Think we’re all very ready to get home. If I had different company I would stay. Queue for the bus home this evening was totally massive. Granny got chatting to the woman in front of us and wouldn’t let her go- typical.


29th Jan: Last night in this bed! Cannot wait to have my own back. I didn’t sleep well last night. Think I was thinking about having to get a million buses to the airport tomorrow. Today was a relaxing day, kind of… So buses don’t ensure you get to your destination on time. I was five minutes early for my massage, but I have The Curse remember. Mum and granny were only slightly late. I wont get into the hoohaa of things but granny left mum paying for my haircut and massage and didn’t tell either of us. At dinner you could tell dad is very ready to get her back to her own accommodation, and not see her for a long while. Earlier I left mum and granny to find dad in Remera so they could visit the Germans and I headed into town: got two SIMS cut (total rat-bag wanted loads of money once he’d cut them! Meaning I had to go to the ATM and get charged, again. Headed to Nakromat for alcohol and chapati which I ate on my walk home. The sun was out so I should have got a tan. Bought peanut butter and tea for taking home. Hopefully the rustling noises I heard last night wont make an appearance tonight. I was going to write this all down but sure I’ll remember the details: I was thinking last night as I couldn’t sleep about how proud of mum an dad I am and of how thankful I am to granny for bringing me. Many stories to tell which are not contained within these page.


Boys playing football on my walk home from town

30th Jan: We re away! The four of us, only just. As has happened before I’ll spare the details because really it’s not worth the effort. Basically, granny got real mad at me at the airport. Being our last dad and Umaganda not much happened. We packed and tanned. And later felt the burn. We had scraps for lunch- which turned out really well- and beef again for dinner. And I got a moto to the airport! it was really fun. I wanted a photo, dad took one, but it wasn’t good. I’d definitely want to stay here longer if I was with other people, or even just without granny…


My last brochette of the trip


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