Five Year Journal

Well…. Seven months later and I’m back. Back early. Way too early. That story could be a whole blog series in itself but its so raw; I still don’t really know what to make of it. But to the point of this post…

At the beginning of 2017 I decided to join the many around the world who daily write a one liner from a prompt or answer briefly a question. The idea is that you answer the same question/prompt on that same date for five whole years, with the intention of looking back to see how you got to where you now find yourself. This quick, just before bed task has worked well for me, with some of the questions having very obvious or fitting for that day answers. My issue is however that sometimes one line is not enough. One sentence is not enough to answer a question or to contain all the thoughts I’m having. So I thought I’d take to keyboard and screen to flesh out some of the answers I’ve by way of pen and paper contained, compacted, half- answered.

For this to work I can only really start from today (well, for the purpose of today’s post I can go back two days). Answers from the past have been given- I can’t change what my answer for that day was. I can’t second guess what other details I would have added, had I been given the space. So here is a little insight into my world from today. Here are the tiny steps I’m taking daily, on the bigger journey that is life.


19th: Today was…

…nice enough. Full of food and lacking in sleep. Oddly warm, but rainy too. The start of a new working life perhaps. A nice change from the norm.

20th: What are you glad you did today?

Have dinner with Jayne. After a week on holiday from work, not really seeing anyone because they’re all off and away for Easter, it was so good seeing Jayne and sharing life with each other. I’ve not been eating particularly well either so a hearty home-made veggie mince and vegetable pasta bake was what my body needed.


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