Tinder Rambling

So I’ve never really been interested in using Tinder. I’ve heard the stories and really, I don’t think it’s the way I’ll find my spouse. It’s only ever been installed on my phone for max. 24 hours before I get bored and disinterested, or disheartened, or disgusted…but two weeks ago a good friend and avid Tinder user told me to install it again and have a little heart.

So I installed it, and I gave it some time, and I didn’t uninstall it 24 hours later. And I matched with some guys. One of them sent me a message. Lets say his opening line told me a great deal about his personality and I didn’t like his opening line, so I unmatched him. Then another guy messaged me and his message was good. We appeared to have loads in common! We were in similar life situations, both really looking to run away to warmer countries. We had good chat, lived real near to each other…. So we exchanged some messages and seemed to be in a rhythm of communication, then it stopped. No word from him in days.

Now this is maybe where the point of this post is: I’m not saying he should have messaged me back already. I’m not freaking out because I don’t think he’s interested anymore. I’m just not a ‘game player’. I don’t agree with all that ‘wait six hours after he’s messaged you before replying’ business. If I’m out of work/ not with friends/ not doing something I should be doing then why wouldn’t I reply? We’re all grown ups with lives and all we’re trying to do is communicate so surely if we want to talk to someone then we do it? Surely we don’t have to wait around in an attempt to not freak the other person out… So maybe what I’m saying is, was he bothered that I replied roughly 2 hours after he sent his message, rather than purposefully holding off 12 hours?!


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